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Tumoi Teas produces a wide range of teas in Black, Green, White, Purple and Oolong varieties. These varieties are set apart based on the choice of cultivar used or a finely monitored oxidation process

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Africa’s Finest Teas

Tumoi Teas offers Africa’s finest tea in a reliable, convenient and efficient way.

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About Us

Our Story

How it all began…

The story of Tumoi Teas is a story of family, love and heritage. On his graduation in the early 70’s Jacob Katah stood proudly before a crowd of scholars, their friends and family to deliver his valedictorian speech. Seated in the dais was a senior manager of one of the leading tea farms in the region. The gentleman, of British origin, was so taken by his eloquence that he offered to give the young man a ride home. That long ride, through the rolling Nandi Hills would turn out to be Jacob’s job interview. A week later, Jacob Katah joined the famed tea farm in the region as a trainee manager.

It was during his illustrious career that Jacob fell in love with tea. He encouraged local subsistence farmers to take up tea farming. These initial efforts saw Nandi rise as one of the leading producers of tea in the country. Jacob Katah became a tea farmer in his own right, he grew the cash crop on and developed his own estate.

Boaz Katah, Mzee Katah’s son (Mzee is a Swahili word for wise man), would be born in the teainfused fields of Nandi. Right from his birth, Boaz lived, breathed and played in the tea plantations and often accompanied his father to the tea farms and factory. When he was much older, Boaz left briefly to pursue a degree in Computer Science but soon returned to follow in his father’s footsteps.

In 2013, Boaz Katah established Tumoi Teas, a boutique tea cottage located at the heart of Nandi Hills in Kenya.

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Tumoi Teas

Kenya's Finest Teas

Kenya is among the leading producers of tea in the world. Nonetheless, Kenya’s production and processing of specialty teas remains a well-kept secret. Tumoi Teas brings forth the finest tea in Africa and shares this rare gem of specialty teas with discerning clientele.

We source our leaves from small-scale farmers west of the Rift Valley, who grow their crop at a height of 6,700ft above sea-level. It is also in this lush, hilly region that the equator lies. Here, we get 12 hours of sunshine and 12 hours of night; a well-balanced climate for growing the right crop for that perfect cup of tea!

Why Choose Us

Our Strengths
Our Plants

We appreciate that every variety of tea bears a unique identity and should be processed in its own special way. We therefore apply a single-cultivar (clone) processing method to each of our plants.

Our Processes

We apply a strict process of leaf-selection crafted by our skilled tea cottage artisans. Each leaf is given the Limousine Treatment, ensuring it is handled gently all through processing, to create a recipe that true tea lovers can enjoy.

Our People

Our brand is emotional. Its loving. We love the farmer and the consumer. Our brand is African. Every sip of Tumoi Teas rhyme with the African beats and tells the story of our farmers, tea pickers and tea masters, each of whom have dedicated their life’s work to the crafting of quality tea. Tumoi Teas offers apprenticeship opportunities to unskilled youth in the area, empowering them with knowledge and skills to enable them to become respected tea masters.

Our Teas

Curated with Love

Tumoi Teas produces a wide range of teas in Black, Green, White, Purple and Oolong varieties. All our tea varieties are crafted from 100% whole leaf teas, sourced from family owned farms in Nandi Hills, Kenya. We currently have six varieties of tea:

Black Beauty

This black tea variety is crafted from well-twisted leaves that curl at the tip, reflecting their high quality. Once dry, the leaves are black in colour giving a cup of bold, fullbodied tea with a nutty, caramel flavour. Black Beauty is a great way to kick-start your day. It pairs well with milk and also makes for a refreshing drink in the afternoon.

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Nandi Gold

This stunning tea leaves tend have long and wiry folds with golden tips. When brewed, they give a bright orange hue. Nandi Gold is very smooth with floral, fruity notes, and a champagne-like after taste.

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Safari Oolong

Inspired by the African safari, this tea is made from a clone of the Assamica origin. It is a rare find meticulously crafted in small batches. The tea is hand-plucked, withered, tossed, panned, rolled and then dried, resulting in an exquisite cup of tea. The full leaves unfurl into multiple infusions of an exotic, buttery flavour. The aroma, post steep, is fragrant. Upon seeping its quite smooth with no bitterness or astringency.

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Glowing Green

This clean, smooth green tea is unlike any other in the market. The leaves steep through multiple infusions to produce a vibrant green liqueur with a smooth vegetal taste and
notes of crisp asparagus or fresh cabbage. It’s a very smooth drink that isn’t bitter or acidic.

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Purple Love

This tea invokes love and joy. It’s the tea of romance made with love. Purple Love has all the essential antioxidants and polyphenols that make it the healthiest of teas. High levels of anthocyanin gives it a unique purple colour. The liqueur appears to be pink or purple, and the
cup opens to a smooth, rich and woody flavour.

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Kenya White Rhino

This rare Kenyan tea has buds that are left to dry naturally over a period of time. Its dry leaves tend to have a velvety white finish. Its cup opens up to a clear liqueur with a subtle and floral taste and notes of honey and African Vanilla.

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Partner with us

Tumoi Teas is open to partnerships with Tea Packers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Cafes from all across the world.

We offer Africa’s finest tea in a reliable, convenient and efficient way and take orders in bulk and small batches. A catalog of our available products is uploaded on our website every two weeks, making it easy for our clients to browse through and get information on:

  • Available varieties
  • Available grades
  • Lot Sizes

After making a selection, clients can email us on what they need. We then work out a sale – quick, easy and hassle-free.


At Tumoi Teas, we believe we can improve the lives of the community and make the world a better place through the cultivation and processing of tea.

We are transformational industry leaders who participate in policy making, innovation, research and global marketing, to shine a spotlight on Kenya and the success of her people.
Tumoi Teas recognizes the role that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) play in enhancing the quality of life for all people. To this end, we are constantly seeking partnerships with tea buyers

JusTea Literacy Program

In conjunction with JusTea, Tumoi Teas supports a literacy program for primary school going children, to equip them with comprehension skills. We provide relevant reading materials to the children and run school holiday reading programs. We have also employed a full-time teacher working within the schools in Nandi county. In this way, we meet a key objective of SDG4 that ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Purpose Tea Women’s Program

Tumoi Teas works with Purpose Tea to economically empower women by helping them raise tea nurseries and grow organic vegetables. Tea seedlings are later sold to farmers in the area.

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Contact Us

Our teas are made true to grade for the world to enjoy. You’re an important link to this experience. Get in touch with us to play your part and enhance our effort:
  • Tumoi Teas, 153 Market Street P.O Box 30301, Nandi Hills KENYA
  • Tel: +254 0727 850005 | +254 721 515970
  • info@tumoiteas.co.ke
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